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Saturday, June 5, 2010


These are delicious meringue biscuits with a hint of vanilla essence and crushed almonds, so many people have said they are the best biscuits they have eaten. So light and crunchy, you've gotta try them.

2 Egg Whites
1/4 teas Cream of Tartar
100g Caster Sugar
1/2 teas Vanilla Essence
60g Cornflour
250g slivered almonds or crushed almonds or a mixture of both

Preheat oven to 180oC (170oC fan forced).

Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy, slowly add sugar a tablespoon at a time until stiff peaks form, fold through vanilla essence, stir through the cornflour and almonds.

Drop tablespoons of mixture onto tray lined with baking paper. Reduce oven temperature to 120oC (110oC fan forced) and bake for 40 minutes. Switch oven off and leave Snowflakes in oven to completely cool.

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